Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump: the view of Greek Social Media

Nikos Arvanites – George X. Protopapas

American citizens vote today for the new USA president and must choose between Hillary Clinton, congresswoman, former Secretary of State and Donald Trump businessman, politician. Greek social media monitored the course of US election, evaluated the candidates and finally expressed negative sentiments for Clinton and Trump.

The entities “Hillary Clinton” and “Donald Trump” gathered in Greek speaking internet, according to online reputation management tool Palo Professional (paloPro)  9.703 overall mentions, for one month, during the period  01 – 31 October 2016. Hillary Clinton gathered 9.940 mentions and Donald Trump 9.763 mentions in greek Blogs, Sites, Opinion, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.





The sentiments of the mentions showed that the negatives sentiments dominated in comparison with neutral positives and for the two presidential candidates. However, the interpretation of the sentiments bases on analysis of qualitative data of paloPro.


Main Topics

The main topics of the greek internet focused on the daily attitudes of presidential candidates, comments and analysis for post- election USA.  The Top 10 Topics of paloPro displayed as basic topics the following mentions

  • Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump by 6 percentage points among likely U.S. voters in a Monmouth University poll.
  • Donald Trump promised “21st century” banking industry reforms and tax changes to spur jobs in blighted areas.
  • Clinton adviser John Podesta accused Donald Trump aide Roger Stone of receiving “advance warning” about WikiLeaks’ plans to publish thousands of hacked emails and suggested the Republican candidate is aiding the unprecedented Russian interference in American politics.
  • Kristin Anderson became the latest in a growing list of women who have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of inappropriately touching them or groping them in a sexual way without their consent.



Greek online public opinion seems, according to according to quantitative and qualitative data of paloPro, cautious for the two candidates. The negative sentiments indicate that Clinton and Trump did not win the greek social media’s trust. In particular, the Greek online public opinion:

  • Criticized Donald Trump for sexual harassment cases as lack of respect to women.
  • Feels that Donald Trump’s temperament gave an aggressive tone to pre-election presidential campaign.
  • Thinks Donald Trump’s candidacy as a reaction to american political establishment. However Greek Social Media feel anxious for a possible Trump win in elections.
  • Feels disappointment for some Hilary Clinton’s decisions as Secretary of State, in the case for his role in “Arab Spring”.
  • Thinks that a win of Hillary Clinton could change dramatically the balance of power aggravating the american – russian relations.
  • Evaluates the two candidates based on history of foreign policy of Democratic and Republican governments to Greece.
  • A number of superficial mentions showed that Greek Social Media do not have important knowledges for american politics, economy and election’s system.

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