Greek Social Media encourage Chinese investments

Nikos Arvanites  – George X. Protopapas

The greek online public opinion believes that chinese investments in Greece will boost the economy and will create new jobs. Chinese shipping giant Cosco has heavily invested in Piraeus Port (OLP) and has a majority stake in OLP. Moreover a number of chinese companies are looking to invest in Greece.

The entity “Chinese Investments” gather in Greek internet, according to online reputation management tool Palo Professional (paloPro) 28.457 overall mentions during the period 01 – 18 August 2016. In particular Twitter gathers 9.166 mentions, Sites 13.372, Blogs 4.209, Facebook 1.103, Opinions 509 and Forums 98. The sentiments of the mentions show that negatives sentiments are majority (15.774) in comparison with positives (7.984) and neutral (4.699) sentiments.

Main Topics

The main topics of the greek internet focus on Cosco’s majority stake in OLP, prediction for the benefits of Cosco’s investment on the development of Piraeus and for the greek ecomony. The Top 10 Topics of paloPro displayed the following mentions:

  • Chinese COSCO had completed the acquisition of a majority stake in OLP.
  • Wan Min Cosco Director said that company plans more Investments in Piraeus.
  • The Mayor of Piraeus Yannis Moralis underlined that the city’s future is at the sea – the port, tourism and cruise and believes that many more private investments will follow that of Cosco.
  • Cosco is going to invest 293.8 million euro in Piraeus The Chinese shipping giant will give priority to the construction of China-Europe Land-Sea Express Line.
  • The announcement of the new Board of Directors in OLP (including the Mayor of Piraeus Yannis Moralis).
  • The greek Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE) estimate that the privatization of OLP expected to strengthen the Greek GDP by 0.8% and adding over 31 000 new jobs in the period 2016-2025.
  • The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is looking for an additional 17% share in the public electricity utility.



The greek social media encourage, according to quantitative and qualitative data of paloPro, the Chinese investments in Greece. They realize Cosco’s investment in OLP very important for the Greek economy during this period of recession and austerity. The number of negative sentiments reflect the disaffection for governmental management relates to Cosco. In particular the greek online public opinion:

  • Believes that greek government should boost the bilateral relation with China on the sectors of investments, commerce, electricity, shipping.
  • Approves China’s assertive successful economy diplomacy in Greece. China an economy power could help the greek economy. They also thinks that China, a global power and permanent member of UN, could be an important ally on the international diplomacy.
  • Feels disaffection for the some problems on the governmental coordination relate to Cosco and OLP. A month ago Shipping Minister Theodoros Dritsas’s attempted to change the terms of the contract between Greece and Cosco for the Piraeus Port Authority (OLP)
  • Feels uneasy because of members of the party SYRIZA are against investments and Prime Minister’s Alexi Tsipras economy diplomacy in order to attract foreign investments.
  • Realized that the visit of Alexis Tsipras in China was vital to acquire Cosco the majority stake of OLP. Tsipras believes that Cosco and Chinese investments serve greek interests.
  • Considers that government SYRIZA must exert a more assertive campaign in order to attract foreign investments and to isolate the voices which against the investments.


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