Kurdish Awakening and the Syrian Crisis

Georgios X. Protopapas

 Published in Sodobni vojaski izzivi – Contemporary Military Challenges, 14/st.3 , Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Defence, November 2012, p.p. 21-36


The Syrian crisis has been creating the preconditions for a Kurdish awakening in the sensitive region of the Middle East.  The paper tries to analyse the prospects for Kurdish revolution that could redraw the borders of the Middle East with the creation of the “Greater Kurdistan”. The understanding of the greater Kurdish matter is approached through three significant parameters that relate to the regional politics and correlations. The first parameter is the Kurdish problem in Turkey and the role of the separatist organisation called “Worker Party of Kurdistan” (PKK), the second one is the Iraqi Northern Kurdistan a semi-autonomous region that could be used as precursor of the “Greater Kurdistan” and the third one relates the possibility of the Kurdish minority to create an autonomous Kurdish enclave in Syria. Nonetheless, there is no apparent and coordinated effort by the different Kurdish communities towards the creation of the Greater Kurdistan through a general uprising.

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